Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just One Of Those Really Bad Days and Free - All Right Now

Two days ago I had one of the worst days ever. I had to take my car to a local mechanic to get repairs, which turned out to be even worse then expected, including replacing the rear axle that had somehow become cracked, so that is going to be sitting in the shop for a few days longer than expected. Since I didn't have my car accessible to drive to my classes at the college I go to I had to take one of our other vehicles. I ended up having to take a full size conversion van as that was the only vehicle left to use. I had not driven the thing in months and it was a totally different feel from the car.

As I was driving through the downtown area (I live in a more rural area of town, which makes a huge difference) I noticed the brakes were not as responsive as I thought they should be. I pulled into a parking lot downtown, right next to the city courthouse, and as I tried to park I forgot that the van was 6 feet longer than my car. I turned too soon and the running board caught and sheared off half the bumper of the car parked next to me. It left a tiny scrape on my running board. They obviously do not make them like they used to, but I digress. I sat there freaking out, as I had just been in an accident and was late to college. As I sit there a bunch of lawyers walk out of the courthouse and by the whole thing. Needless to say they didn't even give a second glance to the whole debacle less than 3 feet from the sidewalk they were walking on. 

Since I was late to my college class I left my info and stuff under the car's windshield and went to class, which was uneventful. When I get home I call up my insurance company and file a report, and get ready to file a police report shortly thereafter. As I am about to do that I get a phone call from the person who's car got their bumper mangled by mine. I had to go back down there, and talk to the police who were called out since it was her work vehicle. Apparently leaving the scene of an accident is a crime, even with my circumstances. Luckily the person who's car I hit as well as the officer were both reasonable people, and I did not get arrested. The officer did tell me that its better to just sit and wait for the person to return, and that I should have just skipped class and waited until the lady came out. Ironically enough I WOULD have had to skip class as there was an hour between the accident and her getting out of the courthouse.

When the officer went to inspect my vehicle he made a comment on how it was a behemoth (the other car involved was a third of the size) and how they do not make them like they used to, as the only thing he could find was the scrape on the running board.

So in the end I learned a few things:
1) They don't make em like they used to
2) Never leave the scene of an accident, even if late for class
3) Make sure to remember bigger vehicles have bigger turning radiuses
This next one is more of a reinforcement of something I already know, but some of you others do not:
4) Cops are people too, and if you treat them nicely they usually do the same.

Later that day after dealing with all the insurance companies and the like I went and turned on the radio. This song came on:

I took it as a sign that things would get better, and they have thus far.

My Face When that song came on:

Anyways, it sure feels good to get that bit of a rant out of my system, and I have a feeling some people will enjoy reading this post.


  1. Agh, I hate those days where it's just one bad event after another... You're lucky the cop wasn't a jerk and didn't make a fuss about leaving the scene, I guess since you left your info and came back he went easy on you.

  2. Damn that sucks. Everyone seems to have one of them days once in a while where everything just doesn't go your way. At least things are looking better!

  3. Yeah that sucks hard.I donty have a car but I empatyze with your situation.cheers.

  4. Man that sucks. I do like the lesson "they don't make them like they used to" though. Something to take away from this.