Sunday, July 3, 2011

Born In The USA

Since the 4th of July is coming up tomorrow, I thought I'd post about one of this country's most hilariously ironic "patriotic" songs.

Born In The USA is about a guy who is continuously screwed over by everyone, especially the US government, who gives him the choice of jail or being drafted and shipped to fight in Vietnam after getting into a fight back home. 

Reagan's press team completely missed the point of the song, and used it during his 1984 electoral campaign. Springsteen is very left wing, and was offended by it being misappropriated as a patriotic song when it is an anti-government and antiwar song.


  1. I was boooorn in the USA

    althou im not an american I know this one due to my dad listening to alot of your US stuff when he was a teenager :] I also liek the jersey girl

    America FUCK YEAH :P