Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some Pet Peeves and Some Good Music

For those that follow this blog, they know that its a lot of music as well as me ranting. well time for another rant! I'll post some music at the end as well, so that way those that don't want to view said rant don't have to

Pet Peeve No. 1
I hate when people decide to go offline mid conversation and don't even tell me they are. At least give me a warning. One of my friends is notorious for that. I'll be in the middle of a conversation with her and she'll suddenly go offline. At least have some damn manners to tell me you are going offline before you do.

Pet Peeve No. 2
If you make plans ahead of time with me, do not bail shortly thereafter for asinine reasons. I have no clue how often this happens. The latest excuse was "oh, but these are some friends I haven't seen in a couple of months." Well, I haven't seen you in that long either, so that shouldn't be an excuse!

Pet Peeve No. 3
Male singers that sound like women. Justin Bieber is an obvious one, but many of the scene and emo bands have the same problem. A bunch of whiny assholes who sound like they haven't hit puberty. Many of these people obsessed with said bands with said whiny-feminine singers also state that legendary vocalists such as Freddie Mercury can't sing or have terrible voices.

Is this really the voice of a terrible singer?

Pet Peeve No. 4
Just because the movie wasn't made in the past 10 years does not mean its a terrible movie. Also, I almost always refuse to watch Direct to DVD movies, and for good reason! Production quality is terrible, and most of said movies nowadays aren't the so-bad-its-good kind of type of movies either. Also, I tend to use IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes to help choose my movies. Other people should learn to use these sites as well

Pet Peeve No. 5
I FUCKING HATE AUTOTUNE! Autotune lets any untalented asshat get into the music industry, particularly the rap industry. Rap requires little to no talent, thanks to autotune. For those that do not know what autotune is, it is a pitch correction software. It takes terrible singing, processes it, and spits out a digitized and in tune version of what you put in. They use it a lot on Justin Bieber, and Kanye West and T-Pain regularly abuse it as well. Its not cute, its not novel, its just laziness and an easy way for the record companies to make money.

Tom Scholz never used autotune, or synthesizers, or any other digital thing in the creation of Boston's music and look how that turned out. Multiplatinum, and they have the number two best debut album of all time, behind Guns 'N' Roses's Appetite for Destruction


  1. well we share similar pet peeves. The only one I don't agree with is the emo band one but hey, you cant please everyone :)

  2. all very reasonable pet peeves, but agree with previous commenter, there are some not COMPLETELY terrible emo-ish bands

  3. I very well agree with your pet peeves, all of them are mine also. I really get irritated when the person in chatting to decides to log off in the middle without saying a word, where are the manners?!

  4. people randomly go off and leave you there in mid convo makes me go WTF?

  5. Autotune can be good if used creatively. Unfortunately 99% of it's use is not creative and thus renders my argument almost void.

    My online chat one is also a bummer.

  6. Pet peeve: smacking on food. Smacking on food makes me RAGE like a wild man. Seriously, close your goddamn mouth when you eat.

  7. Good stuff. I also hate Autotune and whiny singers that sound like chicks. Seriously, I hate them. And who doesn't like Freddy Murcury? Nazi's?

  8. I share a lot of the same sentiments, especially the auto-tune one.

  9. Man, I totally agree with all your pet-peeves; except that sometimes I'm the one cancelling on people for no reason :(

  10. You express your opinions with great writing. Cheers