Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Than A Feeling

Most of my blog followers know I am a huge Boston fan, and for good reason; they are an amazing band!
More than a feeling (side A track 1) is a clear example of this. Its one of their most famous songs and has an amazing feel to it. Definite air guitar material.

Boston- More Than A Feeling

Also recently I came across the original demo version of this song as well. While listening, you can hear the rawness of it, yet it is incredibly refined for being a demo tape. These guys are that good, and are well deserving of their fame.

The Demo Version


  1. wow this was a rare find. good job for classic rock appreciation everywhere.

  2. So many times I have air banded to this song! lol.

  3. Boston- More Than A Feeling : GREAT !

  4. Boston are a bit of a guilty pleasure. Foreplay/Long Time is a definite sing-along classic for me. Air guitars at the ready.

  5. More Than A Feeling is my fucking JAM!