Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm On A Mexican Radio

Walls of Voodoo's Mexican Radio might seem like an unusual choice for a driving song at first, but when you look at the lyrics it makes sense. The song is about a person calling into a radio station from a car phone while driving through the desert on the Mexican border. I haven't been to the Southwest US, but still have it on my general driving playlist. When I head out there it will for sure get played though more often. The song can be heard below.

Walls Of Voodoo- Mexican Radio

The picture is from the 1971 classic The Vanishing Point, starring Cleavon Little and Barry Newman, though the arctic white 1970 Dodge Challenger is the real star of the movie.


  1. That was quite addictive. I played it twice. :p

  2. I love the style of their voice as they sing it, sounds the kind of guy with a toothpick in his mouth and a big ass car. :P

  3. Not bad actually. Seems like some older stuff.